cropped-resilinza_schemi_ac_logocittacc80-04congress, seminar & workshop

Punti elenco2017, organization of co-production path on adaptation and resilience in mountain areas, organized by Politecnico of Milano, Campus of Lecco (co-production path involving local stakeholders and research centers)

Punti elenco2017, Speech, Learning from Practices: Three Upscaling Issues for Enhancing Urban Resilience from the Experience of the [Italian] Resilience Practices Observatory. Resilience 2017 – Resilience Frontiers for Global Sustainability, organization dal Stockholm Resilience Centre 21-23 August  2017 Stockholm

Punti elenco2017 Organization (FORUM coordinator) of FORUM of Resilience Practices 2017 / FORUM Pratiche di Resilienza 2017 / Resilience Practices Observatory (Osservatorio Pratiche di Resilienza,, 24th of February 2017, Acquario di Milano

Punti elenco2017, Organisation and moderator of INNOGROW Project Regional policies for innovation driven competitiveness and growth of rural SME international learning workshop. Organized by FLA, Lecco Campus of Politecnico di Milano, 2-3 of March 2017, Lecco

Punti elenco2016, Organisation and moderator of workshop Nature based solution towards new development trajectories for Metropolitan areas / Nature-based solution: soluzioni integrate per nuove traiettorie di sviluppo per le aree metropolitane,  Organized by REsilienceLAB, AAA, SIEP-IALE and Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of Politecnico di Milano, 24th of October 2016, Milano

Punti elenco2016, Speech, The Resilience Practices Forum 2016. Mapping thought resilience practices engagement, Med.Net 03 Resili(g)ence International Forum, organized by Architecture and Design Doctorate og Università di Genova, 26-28 October 2016, Genova

Punti elenco2016, Poster session, The potential of urban-rural ecotonal buffer for resilient metropolitan regions, European Ecosystem Services Conference 2016 | helping nature to help us, organised by European Ecosystem Services Partnership, 19 – 23 September 2016, University of Antwerp, Antwerp

Punti elenco2016, Member of Scientific Committee of SIAP-IALE congress “Challenges Anthropocene: The role of landscape ecology /Le sfide dell’antropocene: Il ruolo dell’ecologia del paesaggio”, 26-28 May 2016, Asti

Punti elenco2016, Organization and chair of Workshop Resilience in action: learning as drivers of innovation process / Resilienza in azione. Percorsi di didattica e formazione come attivatori di processi, REsilienceLAB, Architecture and Urban Studies Department, Politecnico di Milano, 14th of April 2016, Milano

Punti elenco2016, Invited speaker, The resilient city: approaches and strategies / La città resiliente: approcci e strumenti, Congress Resilient cities: strategies for Climate Change mitigation and adaptation Organised by ANCE Toscana (Tuscany regional hub of Italian national building companies association), 22nd of February 2016, Firenze

Punti elenco2016, Organization (FORUM coordinator) of “FORUM of Resilience Practices / FORUM Pratiche di Resilienza”, Resilience Practices Observatory (Osservatorio Pratiche di Resilienza,, 29th of January 2016, Acquario di Milano

Punti elenco2015, Speech, The potential of peri-urban and ecotonal areas in resilience strategies design. Milano metropolitan panorama and perspectives, The 7th Aesop Sustainable Food Planning Conference, Localizing urban food strategies Farming cities and performing rurality, 8-9 ottobre, Torino

Punti elenco2015, Poster session, Supporting ‘Resilient communities’ practices: Cariplo Foundation, REesilienceLAB experiences and the Observatory of Resilience Practices, Resilient Cities 2015 – Annual Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation, Resilient Cities Congress Secretariat, ICLEI, World Secretariat, 8- 10 June 2015, Bonn

Punti elenco2015, Poster session, Resilience initiatives and projects in Milano metropolitan area: an overview and perspectives, European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA) 2015  Integrating climate adaptation action in science, policy, practice and business, Session: VI. Smart and Resilient cities: ideas and practices from the South of Europe, 12-14 May 2015 Copenhagen

Punti elenco2015, Invited speaker, The REsilienceLAB experience, Event: Resilient Organisation /Organizzazioni Resilienti; Project WAVE promoted by BNP Paribas and organized  by MWH Global, 1st of July 2015 Milano

Punti elenco2015, Invited speaker, Metropolitan area of Milano /il caso di Milano, Congress Agriculture and food for resilient cities /Convegno Agricoltura e cibo per le città resilienti, Organisation: Università degli studi del Molise, Roma Capitale, Inea, ResilinceLAB, Lands; 20th of JAnuary 2015, Roma, Promoteca del Campidoglio

Punti elenco2014, Coordinator and moderator of workshop PeriurbanGames, Stakeholders Workshop of INTERREG IVC Urban Rural Partnerships in Metropolitan Areas, 17th of November 2014, Lombardy Region, Milano

Punti elenco2014, Invited speaker, Urban Resilience practices: community and environmental projects / Pratiche di resilienza urbana: progetti integrati tra comunità e ambiente”, Conference Natural Smart City. Urban flows and green management / Smart City secondo natura. Flussi urbani e gestione del verde, organised by Il Verde Editoriale/ACER Maestri del Paesaggio Archetipos  Palazzo della Ragione, Bergamo, 16 September 2014,

Punti elenco2014, Organization of workshop, Food planning, ecosystem services and urban-rural governance. Good practices in Lombardy region, Workshop related to the LIBERATION study visit: Milan and Lombardy region case study

Punti elencoOrganised by REsilienceLAB and Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU), Politecnico di Milano, 14 – 15 July 2014, Milano

Punti elenco2014, Organization of seminar, Urban Design for Climate Change, organized by REsilienceLAB and Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU), Politecnico di Milano, 3rd June 2014, Milano

Punti elenco2014, Speech, Resilient urban food systems: Two good practices from Milan’s peri-urban areas, Session G1 How to govern stakeholder cooperation for resilient city-region food systems, Resilient Cities 2014 – Annual Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation, organised by Resilient Cities Congress Secretariat, ICLEI World Secretariat, 29 – 31 May 2014, Bonn

Punti elenco2014, Organization/Scientific Committee of International Workshop Peri-urban areas and Food-Energy-Water Nexus Sustainability and Resilience Strategies in the Age of Climate Change, Responsible for Food Session (Saturday Morning, 29th March 2014). Milano, 28th and 29th March 2014, Politecnico di Milano, organized by Laboratory of International Cooperation of DAStU in collaboration with REsilienceLAB

Punti elenco2014, Organization, Four workshop on urban resilience  “Urban resilience: a conceptual reframing and action instruments”. Workshops: 1_Urban resilience and rural vulnerability;  2_ Resilience and new urban agenda; 3_ Urban Resilience and social quality in regeneration practices; 4_ Urban resilience and time/spatial scales perspectives. organized by REsilienceLAB and DSAtU of Politecnico di Milano

Punti elenco2013, Speech, An Integrated Approach to Urban Design Teaching (track Innovation in Planning Education), AESOP / ACSP 5th Joint Congress 2013 Planning for Resilient Cities and Regions July 15-19, 2013, University College Dublin, Ireland

Punti elenco2013, Speech, Towards Resilient cities: a comparison between case studies (track 3 Environment, Energy and Climate Change), AESOP / ACSP 5th Joint Congress 2013 Planning for Resilient Cities and Regions, July 15-19, 2013, University College Dublin, Ireland

Punti elenco2013, Speech, Resilience injections in urban planning. Strategie di resilienza e strumenti di governo del territorio, Seminario Resilienza urbana. Approcci, metodi, strumenti e aspetti teorici, Milano, 28 May 2013, DAStU, Politecnico di Milano

Punti elenco2012, Co-chair of the  Track 12 _ Vulnerabilities, Risks and Mitigation Planning, Moderator of Session 2: Resilience-2 and Session 5: Projects; 26th annual AESOP congress “planning to achieve / planning to avoid” , Association of European Schools of Planning, Ankara, 11-15 luglio 2012

Punti elenco2012, speech, Resilient cities. approaches/strategies comparison towards resilient cities, 26th annual AESOP congress “planning to achieve / planning to avoid” , Association of European Schools of Planning, Ankara, 11-15 luglio 2012

Punti elenco2012, Speech, Territorial risk and vulnerability: planning tools at Municipal scale, 26th annual AESOP congress “planning to achieve / planning to avoid” , Association of European Schools of Planning, Ankara, 11-15 luglio 2012

Punti elenco2011, Speech, Resilience and resilience opportunities. Linking society to new models of urban planning, ESA10th Conference Social Relations in Turbulent Times, Geneva, 7-10 September 2011, RN 12 Environment and Society

Punti elenco2010, Speech Galbiate: best practice in landscape planning process, technical seminar Partecipazione e paesaggio in Lombardia (landscape and involvement in Lombardia region), organisation; Lombardia Region (Interreg IV B – MED  “Pays.Med.Urban”),  Milano, Lombardy region headquarters, 28 October 2010

Punti elenco2010, Speech, Resilience and planning The resilience strategies in Cosio municipality Plan, “Stockholm Meeting on Resilient Cities” organized by AESOP Complexity Working Group and Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm Meeting on Resilient Cities, 26-27th February 2010, Stockholm Resilience Centre

Punti elenco2009, Organization of seminar, I nuovi piani di governo del territorio. Intercomunalità e PGT: esperienze di piani di governo intercomunali (new Municipality plan in ombardy Region: experiences of coordinated municipal plans; Speech:  the Terre dei Navigli best-practice), Organization: Lombardia Region, Architecture and Planning Department of  Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Politecnico di Milano, Novembre 16th  2009

Punti elenco2009, Speech, Resilience injections in planning and urban design, Whorkshop/research meeting  Ist Resilience planbar? International workshop organization by AK Naturgefahren/Naturrisiken der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geographie, Helmholtz Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH – UFZ, Leipzig, March 6, 7.2009

Punti elenco2008, Speech, Life is full of surprise. dimensioni temporali e città resilienti (Life is full of surprise. Temporal dimensions and resilient cities), Congress of the Architecture and Planning Department, Time dimensions in planning and design cities, Milano, Politecnico di Mlano, December, 5th 2008

Punti elenco2008, Round table organization, Vulnerability vs. resilience. Visions for cities future, ACSP-AESOP Joint Congress, Bridging the Divide: Celebrating the City (6-11 July, 2008, Chicago), Track 3: Environmental planning, resource management and climate change, moderator: Gérard Hutter; keynote speakers: Frederick Steiner, Robert B. OLSHANSKY, Stefan Greiving

Punti elenco2007, workshop organization, Resilience and Risks Mitigation Strategies. A proposal for AESOP thematic group, International workshop, Architecture and Planning Department of Politecnico di Milano.  December 18th, 2007

Punti elenco2007, Speech, Lands of the river: integrated strategies towards resilience and quality, XXII ESRS Congress “Mobilities, Vulnerabilities and Sustainablilities. New questions and challenges for rural Europe, 20-24 August 2007, Wageningen, Netherlands, working group 7 Rural-urban relation, short-termism and sustainable development

Punti elenco2007, Speech, Water, river and human systems: integrated strategies towards resilience and quality, AESOP congress Planning for the risk society (session 14-6 Environmental planning – Institutional responsibilities), 11 – 14 luglio 2006, Napoli

Punti elenco2006, Speech,  Landscapes of the River, Second World Planning Schools Congress (session 16-10 Large-Scale Planning and Assessment), 11-16 luglio 2006, Mexico City

Punti elenco2006, Organization committee of the international Seminar: Water and landscape in natural and urban environments Speech on: Water, landscape and development: integrated strategy, Architecture and Planning Department, Politecnico di Milano, 12th of May 2006

Punti elenco2004, Speech,  Territorial vulnerability analysis: the methodological framework, Convegno Risk Analisys IV, organized by Wessex Institute of Tecnology, 27-30 September 2004, Rodi

Punti elenco2003, Speech,  The territorial system vulnerability in the flood risk areas, COST C8 Final Conference. Sustainable Urban Infrastructure, organized by Università di Trento, 6-8 November 2003, Trento

Punti elenco2003, Speech,  Sustainable development and risk. 2. Flood hazard and vulnerability assessment. Methodological proposal and application, Convegno Sustainable Planning & Development 2003, organized by Wessex Institute of Tecnology, 1-3 October 2003, Skiathos

Punti elenco2003, Speech,  Sustainable development and risk 1: Flooding risk  prevention and mitigation – action and planning integration, Convegno Sustainable Planning & Development 2003, organized by Wessex Institute of Tecnology, 1-3 October 2003, Skiathos

Punti elenco2002, Organization, QUATER, Un progetto europeo per l’applicazione dei sistemi di qualità alla prevenzione dei rischi territoriali. (Territorial quality. An European Project for the quality system implementation in the territorial risk prevention), Workshop organised by Politecnico di Milano and Lombardia Region, 5th of December 2002

Punti elenco2002, Speech, The environmental assessment methodology proposed by Liguria Region government, Seminar: Strategic Environmental Assessment: Tools and Methodologies, Architecture and Planning Department of Politecnico di Milano, 23rd of June 2002

Punti elenco2002, Speech,  The Environmental Network Planning, International congress EuroConference: The European City in transition/First conference consumption and the Post-Industrial City, department of Haus der Europaischen Urbanistik- Bauhaus university of Weimar, Thematic session: Designing post-industrial city: What shape, what size?, 14th  of December 2001